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Michael Davidson

I'm a friendly Devops Engineer who can code.


Fulltime work

Software Development - 2014-2018

Devops Engineer - 2018-Present


BS in Computer Science from Touro College - 2017

Two AWS certifications (AWS-CDA, AWS-SAA)

Two Microsoft certifications (C#, HTML)


Starting in 2015, I built an awesome, smart Telemedicine platform that had a built-in EMR from the ground up. It scheduled appointments, had a smart intake system that remembered you for next time, and let doctors take lots of notes.

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Telefarmacy - Telemedicine platform


Boardgameco - Board game trading

In 2016, a client wanted me to build a board game trading website to keep up with his demand. It interfaced with BoardGameGeek's API to let users have a better UX experience.

In 2018 I built a private corporate directory for mid-sized insitituions based on pictures. No more need for printed out directories or clunky software!

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Hidden Directory - Github


Alexa app for

In 2018, - a multinational synagogue organization - contacted me to make an Alexa app for them. The app integrated with their API to determine times of Jewish holidays, Sabbath candle lighting times, and Jewish prayer times.